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Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

A. Parkridge Private School offers quality academic programs with strong staff involvement, flexible programming, meaningful curricula, credit recovery, accrual and dual credit and added services and support.  All coursework is aligned to the California State and Common Core Standards. We are regionally accredited and provide a safe environment for instruction and interaction with teachers.  Our programs are personalized to meet students' individual needs. Progress is reported to parents on a regular basis and problem areas remediated immediately. We offer a dual credit "College Track Program" for high school students enrolled concurrently in college.  Opportunity for work experience credit is available to high school students as well.

A. For question about enrollment, call the Admissions Office at

A. There are two Independent Study options available for earning a High School Diploma:

  1. Traditional High School Program of 220 credits of 9th through 12th grade coursework
  2. PROJECT DIPLOMA Program: for adults age 18 or older

A. All high school credits earned from a regionally accredited institution may be transferred to Parkridge.  A minimum number of courses must be earned through our program.

Our programs are self-paced with the goal being the timely completion of the entire scope of work and assessments. Most students in the traditional program complete the work during a two semester per year time period.  Some choose to accelerate their program to finish in less time.  Project Diploma students may complete the program as quickly as they wish as long as the rigor of the content is covered and all finals are passed.(4 week minimum)
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A. Parkridge Private School graduates receive a High School Diploma, not a G.E.D. Most employers give applicants with a high school diploma preference over those with a G.E.D.
   A G.E.D. can be earned at various locations throughout the community, not at Parkridge.  Call the local school board for more information.  Back to Top

Q. Can my Parkridge Private School Diploma be used to apply for a job in other states?
A. Yes. Your Parkridge Private School High School Diploma is a valid document indicating that you have earned a High School Diploma from a regionally accredited school. Back to Top

Q. Can my Parkridge Private School transcripts be used when I apply to a university, college, or trade school?
A. Yes. Many graduates of Parkridge Private School continue their education at trade schools, community colleges, and universities.
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Q. How much do the programs cost?

  • PROJECT DIPLOMA Program: Adult High School program for ages 18 or older-based on credits needed  - Call for details
  • INDEPENDENT STUDY Program : K-12 program with a private tutor - $2350 per year ($235 per month) plus a one-time fee of $200 for books per grade level and an annual $75 enrollment fee.
  • PRIVATE TUTORING in our office: Fee based on number of sessions needed
  • TESTING: Placement testing is free to our enrolled students. For testing services only, call for pricing
  • SUMMER SPECIALS: Reading, Math, Call for price of individual programs
  • Credit Recovery: First course $225 and $150 for each additional class (includes textbook loan and preparation of transcript to home school)
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Q. What are your enrollment requirements?
A. All K-12 applicants will be considered for enrollment. Students must be at least 18 years of age to enroll in Adult Diploma Programs.
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Q. How do I enroll?
A. There are two ways to enroll:

  1. Mail
    Click here to print an Enrollment Application pdf.   If over 18 years old click here pdf
    Complete the application
    Mail application to us or Fax (Fax#: 562 424-4099)
    Include your tuition payment
  2. Phone
    Call 1-888 91-STUDY
    Pay using a credit card
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Q. What are your high school offerings?
A. Our curriculum includes a core set of offerings to enhance academic skills, college and career readiness, as well as application of knowledge and technology. Parkridge Private School Inc. offers the following courses:

Four Language Arts courses which includes content focused on literature, grammar, writing, reading, technical reading and writing, and speech communications
Four Mathematics courses (three at or above Algebra I level)
Four Science courses (at least two which are laboratory based)
Four Social Science courses
Four courses in Practical and Technical Arts
Two courses in the same Foreign Language
Three courses in Fine and Performing Arts 
One course in Physical Education, Social and Emotional Health; and Safety
Additional Elective Courses

Grade Points: Grade points are used in determining scholarship excellence and class rank: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0
Students must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 in order to graduate.
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Q. Can I take individual courses?
Yes. This program is designed for students who:

  • Need to earn one or more courses and transfer them to their high school
  • Want to take one or more courses for personal enrichment purposes
  • Need to meet specific prerequisites for admission to a post-secondary institution
    MAKE-UP CREDITS: First course $225 and $150 for each additional class (includes textbook loan and preparation of transcript for home school).
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Q. Is Parkridge Private School regionally accredited as a high school?
A. Yes. Parkridge Private School is regionally accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) a division of AdvancEd, which is recognized in all fifty states and internationally. Back to Top

Q. Is Parkridge Private School accredited by the State of California or the US Federal Government?
A. Neither the US government nor the State of California has ever established an accreditation program for private schools. Like all other private and public institutions, Parkridge Private School is accredited by a private regional accrediting agency. Parkridge Private School complies with all statutes and regulations pertaining to the operation of non-public secondary schools in the State of California and, as required by law, is listed with the California Department of Education as a private, non-religious K-12 school. Back to Top

Q. Who determines Parkridge Private School's curriculum and academic standards?
A. Parkridge Private School courses are designed by experienced instructors and curriculum design specialists and meet California State and National Standards. Each program is reviewed annually by Parkridge Private School's Curriculum Content Board, composed of educational administrators and independent educational consultants. Back to Top

Q. What academic support will I receive?
A. You will have access through a toll-free telephone number to a staff of academic guidance counselors with many years of classroom experience to assist you in your studies. Back to Top

Q. Is there a deadline or designated start time for courses?
A. No. Parkridge Private School's Open Enrollment Policy allows a self-paced program of study. Back to Top

Q. What does Parkridge Private School provide?

  • Full access to rich curriculum
  • Academic support via e-mail, phone, or in person during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Professional evaluation of student's high school transcript from previous school
  • Report card for each completed course
  • Academic credit for each successfully completed course
  • Fully-accredited High School Diploma after meeting all requirements
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Q. How do you determine the number of courses required for each program?
A. It will depend on the professional evaluation of your official transcript from your previous regionally accredited high school or institution. Back to Top

Q. What are my responsibilities as a parent?
A. Please do the following:

  • Contact your local school district about compliance with academic standards, health/immunization records, and attendance requirements 
  • Notify your local school that your child will be enrolled in an accredited private school
  • Request that an official high school transcript be mailed to Parkridge Private School
  • Provide parental supervision
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