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Founded in 1987, Parkridge Private School has been in operation for more than 29 years. The Founders, Administrators, and Teachers have extensive experience in Education Alternatives, Curriculum Design, Instructional Delivery and Educational Administration.


Independent study is education gained outside the walls of a traditional classroom setting. It provides an advantage in that the student can learn and work at times of the day that best suit their family life style, personality, and active learning times. Parkridge pairs this advantage with skilled instructors that utilize specialized methods of instruction and delivery that provide focused instruction undisturbed by the distractions of a classroom setting. As students receive timely feedback, the learning programs advance to more challenging levels, promoting mastery through a continuous one-on-one student teacher experience.


Parkridge specializes in a Distance Learning and Independent Study approaches to learning. K-12 instruction is delivered in a one-on-one setting under the direction of credentialed teachers and tutors. The curriculum is aligned to the California State and Common Core Standards with a special focus on experiential learning. Each week the student arrives with the prior week’s assignments completed. They review the previous week and receive instruction on the new assignments. Assignments are completed at home. We are neither the traditional “Brick and Mortar” school nor are we a fully Digital School, offering instruction exclusively through online delivery. Rather, we offer the best of both worlds: personal instruction with web-based resources. We focus on individual student needs, personal learning styles and future goals. All Final tests are proctored. Our textbooks are available in either traditional hardbound copy or on-line versions. Web-based tutorials and software are combined with a curriculum rich in content and personalized to the specific needs of every student. Students receive a state of the art home based education experience.


The flexibility of Parkridge courses appeals to students who are traveling, homebound, gifted, challenged, new to the American culture, or traditionally home-schooled, as well as to part-time students who wish to make up credits or accelerate their education. Thousands of students have graduated from Parkridge over the last 29 years and successfully advanced into the workplace, chosen vocation and/or college career path and fulfilled their dreams.





Regional Accreditation by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) - a division of AdvancED

Registered with the California Department of Education

UC/CSU approved courses

Registered with the College Board

Parkridge Private School is committed to the academic and personal excellence of each student. We prepare them to: effectively manage life in a changing world, effectively reach their goals of attending college, vocational training or the workplace; become self-sufficient problem solvers with real world experience; motivate them to seek succeed in their chosen fields of interest and; to appreciate the value of knowledge and skills necessary to work creatively and effectively in today’s global environment.

We believe in individuality and therefore offer differentiated instruction as "Each child or adult is deserving of a quality education with personalized instruction and attention." Our quality curriculum, combined with success driven methodologies and flexible schedules provide a positive climate for students to grow and find success.

Parkridge offers a variety of options:

Content rich K-12    


Adult Diploma Program

Credit Recovery

Tutoring Services

Interim programs during

   times of ill health

Whatever the situation, we are here to provide each student with an alternative pathway to completing their elementary and secondary education through:

 Critical Thinking

   and Problem Solving Skills 

Practice and Reinforcement


   and encouragement

Focusing on Success

Why Choose Parkridge?

Quality Education
Individualized Attention
Safe Environment
Affordable Programs
User-Friendly Systems
Structured Progress
Academic Excellence
Emotional support
Concurrent College Credit
Vocational Program Alignments

Contact Us:

Parkridge Private School
3605 Long Beach Blvd. Ste 101
Long Beach, CA 90807
Fax: (562)424-5528  
Stephanie McDaniel
Director of Business Development
Ext. 303

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